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Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Guides Simon Adams

Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Guides

Simon Adams

Published 2000
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 About the Book 

ISBN: 0751328766Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Guide, 2000Content: This book explores significant events in World War two, the reader can discover how the war began and escalated into global conflict. This book also explains key battles, the political and economic forces, individual leaders and technological advances that influenced the course of the war.Format: Cross-referencing appears throughout and timelines and global maps establish an overview of each year of the conflict. Each section is given a large bold heading at the top of the page and the information is usually presented on a double page. There are eyewitness accounts included for almost every section which provide information not found in text books, the people’s opinions and experiences of the events make the events more accessible to the reader.Illustrations: The illustrations include captions and diagrams are clearly labeled. The book is packed with images, including rare photographs of events which give the reader more insight from the perspective of the eyewitness.Text: The text varies in shape and size, with key words highlighted. Key terminology is explained immediately on the page and a glossary provides detailed definitions.Interaction: this book can be introduced to children to prepare them for non-chronological report writing, to identify and explore the key features of this text type. The book is designed to make information easy to locate and can be used as an effective resource for research on this topic in key stage 2.Series: The Dorling Kindersley Eye Witness Guides- Dinosaurs, Mammals, Science, Illustrated Encyclopedia, these are just several of many texts from the eyewitness guides series.